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Does Georgia Have an Auto Insurance Point System?

Reader’s Question:

Does Georgia and Florida have the same point system? Does Georgia report speeding ticket to Florida?


Good Question.

Georgia is not part of the Drivers License Compact where the Florida is a member of, but the Georgia Driver’s services still sends licensed driver’s information to their home state of any conviction they will receive in the state of Georgia. So if you get convicted of speeding violation in Georgia, the court will still notify the state of Florida if that is where you are licensed.

If you receive a traffic ticket out of state and they receive that information, The Highway Safety and Motor Services will add the violation to your record, according to the Florida of Highway Safety Motor Services. 15 MPH or less or over lawful speed limit is 3 points and 16 MPH or more over the posted speed limit is 4 points in Florida.

It is noted in the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Services that it will not be allowed by the Florida Law for any school or program to remove the points for the ticket or any convictions that was received from another state. This means that you cannot take any Florida driving class or take any driving course to remove the ticket from Georgia or points that was assigned to your driving record.